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Many radiology practices are concerned about the constant denials and slow payments of the insurance companies. Then, when you add the new regulations that have been mandated they are concerned that first 5010 and then ICD-10 are going to negatively impact their cash flow. Which brings on the bigger issue, are you concerned that your systems will not be able to handle the old set of codes (ICD-9) at the same time they handle the new set of codes (ICD-10) as many other insurances will not be ready for ICD-10?

By using cutting edge technology, certified coders and certified billers, Apple Medical Billing can produce amazing results! Those clients who work with us to improve their cash flow have been the recipients of a less than 1% error rate at submission of claims, collection percentages received at 95% of expected reimbursement, and days in A/R averaging between 25 and 35. All of these benchmarks are considerably better than industry standards.

We utilize software that automatically checks for RAC, LCD, NCD, and CCI edits as well as helps to ensure compliance to reduce your exposure to any recovery actions. This adds protection for your practice to keep your costs down! This software also helps to ensure nothing is ‘downcoded’ which keeps your office from losing money!

We maintain close ties with the office in order to keep all functions running smoothly and keep your cash flow flowing in good condition.

We pride ourselves on being big enough to serve you and small enough to know you!

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