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Other reasons to consider Apple Medical Billing

Apple follows a rather unique organizational structure in medical billing. Apple Specialty Teams are dedicated to a particular specialty and individual client. Teams are composed of certified coders, various reimbursement specialists and a specialty leader. The makeup of each team varies considerably. Each are originally designed and then further refined to provide exactly the necessary services to meet a client’s needs. Depending on size and complexity one or more teams may be guided by an Apple Specialty Manager who is directly responsible for performance and quality of service.

Although not utilized by all clients, Apple Advisory Teams stand ready to offer an opinion on the management and structure of your healthcare organization. Being composed of Healthcare Providers, Specialty Managers, Healthcare Accountants, and IT professionals; Apple Advisory Teams provide a collective wealth of knowledge and experience you may wish to consult. Apple specialty managers and advisory members are not corporate based, but are hands on managers, accountants and executives working directly with the specialty teams and their clients on a daily basis.

Let Apple participate in your next RFP, we will propose new innovative billing concepts and management ideas rather than just providing a “fill in the blank” answer or sterile bid.

Apple Standards:

Coders: All Apple coders are at least AAPC certified with 4 years experience. Certain specialty teams require coders that have also obtained additional specialty certification. For example, the Apple Radiology Teams are required to have RCCB or AAPC-CIRCC specialty board certification.
Reimbursement specialists are required to have at least 4 years of direct medical billing experience.
Apple Specialty Managers hold MCS-P or CHBME certification and have at least 6 years of direct medical billing and management experience.
Apple Advisory Teams are composed of medical, accounting, management, business and IT professionals. Each member individually possesses at least 6 years of direct healthcare billing and management experience within their respective field of expertise.

Apple Services:

Apple provides services to physician groups of all sizes - from the independent practitioner to large groups with multiple service locations and joint venture hospital facilities. Apple also provides services to hospitals, IDTF and ASC. Operational, financial and management information is available to all clients, allowing proactive and timely decision making. 

A sample of services provided:
Managed Care Contracting
Fee Analysis
Application of Electronic Interfacing
Manual and Electronic Coding
Electronic Claim Review & Filing
Electronic Remittance Posting
Custom Reporting with Analysis
Consulting & Strategic Planning

Other reasons to consider Apple!

  • With Apple’s national presence and successful vendor negotiations, your specialty team is provided the latest in technology and automation.
  • All clients receive the highest quality of service and attention to detail from the solo practitioner to the multihospital multistate groups.
  • Your Apple team understands that it is an extension of your office by association and will treat your patients with compassion, respect and courtesy while pursuing reimbursements.
  • Apple physicians and their staff have 24/7 access to their billing and management systems, even from “smart devices” such as the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Kindle and others.
  • Use of “specialty billing applications” such as radiology’s RadPayor Management System and anesthesia’s Charge Capture, allow the Apple specialty teams to perform far above industry standards.
  • When requested, Apple works closely with several outsourcing providers; however by utilizing the latest technologies, outsourcing is no longer necessary to achieve economy.
  • Apple Advisory Team members, holding positions within the HBMA, being CHBME certified, actively serving on Medicare Advisory committees and HIT-REC panels, stand ready to assist your organization.
  • With a well-equipped IT department, Apple designs and maintains computer interfaces for healthcare information systems.
  • Apple provides seamless integrated ASP packages that include a patient scheduler, EMR, practice management, and the billing systems necessary to fully automate your office.
  • With your Apple team, you will always talk directly to the same people personally responsible for your billing. It’s like having your own private billing company backed by a national presence.
  • A live person will always answer the phone during normal business hours.
  • By having great management tools to identify trending and performance issues early, strategic planning is possible.

We expect to exceed your expectations!

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